Living in a Box

Living in a Box

We have blogged before about unusual uses for storage units, with reports of people using their storage containers for various imaginative purposes, from gyms to photography studios but how about using a storage unit as somewhere to live!

OK, we will have to start this blog by saying that living in a storage facility would not be legal and would almost certainly invalidate your storage insurance!  However, we were entertained by the story of a young student in America who did just that, secretly setting up home in a storage unit within a self storage facility and living there for 2 months, giving a fresh perspective on the box room.

After giving up his apartment to go on a trip he rented a storage container to store his stuff whilst he was away.  So far, so normal.  Finding himself homeless on his return, and realising that he was spending a lot of time going in and out of the storage unit retrieving and organising his belongings, he hit upon the idea of moving in.  It seemed to be a more comfortable option than living in his car until he could find somewhere more permanent to live.  Getting access to electricity by running a long extension cable into the unit he also managed to install shelving, set up a TV and entertainment centre, fridge, oven and even a makeshift kitchen area.  With a toilet available in the corridor and hot showers at the local gym, he was all set. 

You can see a video tour of the space on youtube  – it really is a triumph of ingenuity.

For most people, using a storage container is a temporary solution to solve a problem caused by lack of space, whether moving home, storing business goods or needing somewhere to keep sports equipment.  As usual, we couldn’t finish our blog post without mentioning storage unit insurance.  Whatever reason you are storing your goods (and please – don’t try living in a storage facility), do make sure that you have adequate insurance to cover your belongings for their full replacement value.  Store Insure offer specialist storage unit insurance at competitive rates, see the cover breakdown for more information or get a quote now.

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