Self Storage and Flood Damage
With flooding becoming more frequent in the UK, it is a sensible question to ask 'how can I protect my possessions in self storage from flooding?'
Quick Guide: Your Self Storage Questions Answered
At Store Insure we get asked a lot of questions from our customers - check out our guide to the most asked, and now answered, questions relating to Storage Insurance.
Protecting your stored items from Mould and Mildew
A Store Insure handy guide on keeping your storage container items mould and mildew free.
Quick Guide: Self Storage Insurance
Whatever your reason is for requiring self storage, it is essential that you get the correct storage insurance for your possessions.
Quick Guide: Self Storage Lease Agreements and Contracts
When considering renting a self storage unit there are a lot of factors to think about beforehand.
The benefits of Self Storage for Small Businesses
A report highlighted the use of self storage by small retailers had seen the greatest rise during 2020 – 2021 as more and more businesses expanded their online presence due to the pandemic and a growing need to obtain goods through lockdown.
Storing Clothes in Self-Storage

Clothing is one of the most common items put into storage units by households. Clothing can take up a lot of space in a house.

Decluttering and How a Storage Unit Can Help

Why declutter? In addition to the obvious advantage of having more space at home, decluttering brings a range of other benefits.

10 Tips for Keeping an Organised Self-Storage Unit
Keeping your storage unit organised is vital. When renting a unit, you pay for the floorspace. By keeping your unit organised you can fit more belongings in a smaller space, making your storage as cost-effective as possible. Keeping your unit organised also allows you to find items more easily and reduces the chance that anything is damaged in storage.
Self-Storage for Businesses
Self-storage units are commonly used by individuals for household reasons, like moving house or storing extra belongings. However, an increasing number of units are also used by businesses. Self-storage can be used for a variety of commercial reasons and offers several benefits over traditional options.