Preparing your storage unit for winter weather
3 weeks ago
Whilst we know that we have not quite done with summer yet – there is a definite autumnal feeling about the evenings and early mornings now and, sadly, it is time to start thinking about the approach of colder weather and how this may affect your items in storage.
Tips for moving and storing electrical appliances
4 weeks ago
Appliances like washing machines, fridge freezers and dishwashers often end up in storage following a move. Follow our tips below to ensure that they remain in good condition whilst stored...
How much Storage Space do I need?
When you are looking at storing your goods, how much space is enough? What does 25 square feet of actually look like in terms of boxes or belongings?
Downsizing for retirement
Aside from births, deaths and marriages, downsizing for retirement is also a common theme amongst our storage insurance customers.
De-cluttering and the Marie Kondo effect...
In recent years, perhaps in direct response to people’s everyday lives becoming ever busier and more chaotic, the trend of minimalism has become more and more popular.
	Tips for keeping your storage unit pest free
Our storage insurance automatically includes cover against damage by moth and vermin for spaces which are accessed internally, providing peace of mind that your belongings will be protected.
Using your self storage space effectively
Self storage can be a great way of extending your space without moving as well as being a good short term measure to house your stuff. Whether you are travelling, moving, downsizing or need to clear out some space efficient storage is essential
Our 2000th Storage Location Added
Dinnington Self Storage, Todwick Road Industrial Estate, Bookers Way, Sheffield has been added to our list of approved storage locations - our 2000th location!
Storage Insurance information & some new reviews!
Here are Store Insure, we specialise in providing great value cover for your goods in storage – whether business or personal
Strange and Creepy things found in storage uinits
Open most storage units and you would be likely to find boxes of normal household items in there. From time to time though, we hear about strange, and even down-right creepy things which have been uncovered in abandoned units.
How can self storage benefit your SME?
Finding a suitable location to run your business can be a struggle. You need to consider the location, cost, suitability of the space as well as thinking about the amount of space you need.
Hobbies and Self Storage
As we have written on this blog many times before, the self storage industry is growing fast in the UK - our recent piece on the Self Storage Association's annual report into the industry shows continued growth of available units in the UK.
Self Storage Association - Annual Report 2018
The Self Storage Association have published their Annual Report for 2018 into the self storage industry - here are some facts and figures...
MPs are now calling for action on ‘mis-selling’ by storage providers
Regular visitors to our blog will know that we have mentioned many times in the past the slightly less than ‘transparent’ practices involving storage insurance which are sold direct from storage providers.
Information update and some new reviews
At Store-Insure, we specialise in storage insurance and that's it. Because we are specialist brokers our focus is on a single product, we are able to constantly review our offer to make sure it continues to meet the needs of our customers.
I lost £180,000 in a self storage fire…
That sounds like a sensationalist headline but following a devastating fire in a self storage unit in Surrey, this story from the BBC highlights the dangers of under insuring your contents in storage.
Short of space over Christmas?

Christmas is a time where we get together with family and friends with many of us having house guests in the run up to, and over, the Christmas holidays. At this time of year there is extra pressure on space in most houses...

Things you should never store in a storage unit!

Self storage can be extremely useful for loads of different reasons.  The most common reason for renting storage space is probably related to moving home.  However, a growing number of people are using storage units for more permanent storage spaces...

Running your Ebay business from a storage unit

The online retailers, particular those giant names like Amazon and Ebay, have revolutionised the way we buy things word wide. Taking the idea of selling to 'The Long Tail' is what has made these companies so successful.

The Great Storage Insurance Swindle…
A recent article in the Telegraph highlighted market research commissioned to look into the cost of storage insurance and whether consumers are being overcharged when they take out storage insurance...
Storage Insurance - Useful Information from Store Insure
We thought we would use the blog this month to put together a post outlining some useful information and the answers to questions which we often get asked about storage insurance from Store Insure.
Self Storage for Students - What you need to know!
Most of the time, students will only rent a property for the academic year and plan to go home or travel over the summer. The prospect of moving all your stuff home for the summer and then back again for the new term can be pretty depressing...
How to properly prepare clothes for Storage

How many of us still separate our summer and winter wardrobes?  This is something which used to be common place but perhaps has fallen out of favour in more modern times where our houses and work places are more effectively temperature controlled and clothes are often worn year round.

Important considerations when storing business documents
For businesses, document storage is a common reason for using self storage and although those documents are not necessarily valuable in their own right, it is important that they are stored correctly. Using offsite storage for business documents can be far more cost effective than using space within your business premises, it may also be more secure. For those thinking about using off-site storage for documents, here are some important considerations.
Tips for Storing Antique Furniture

Antiques are often items which can be passed down through the generations and which can be valuable heirlooms and have sentimental value – although, that does not mean you necessarily want to give them house room!   Often antique furniture is too big for modern houses or simply does not fit in with your décor or style and so self storage can be a good option.

How safe is your stuff in storage?
When you put your possessions into a storage facility you assume that they are going to be kept in a safe and secure environment.  It is important however to look at the security levels present in your chosen facility to ensure your possessions are kept safe.
Storage Insurance Made Simple

At Store Insure we aim to provide an excellent product combined with an excellent service.  Our simple to use online quote and buy system for storage insurance means that you can get an instant quote and instant cover if you need it – but, If you do need help, there is a human on the end of the phone to speak to.

Maximising the storage available in your home
We could all do with a little more space at home (or perhaps a little less stuff!) So, how can we make the most of the storage we have at home?
Tips for de-cluttering your house to sell

One of the major reasons people use self-storage is when moving home.  Often, when you want to start marketing your property it pays to have a de-cluttering blitz to ensure that you are showing your property in its best light. 

Storage Insurance Update

At Store Insure, we are always doing our best to provide our customers with industry leading storage insurance which offers exceptional cover at great value prices.  

Why Self Storage is great for Retail Businesses

For retailers, self storage is often the answer to finding adequate space for stock without having to clog up your spare bedroom or garage.  Whether you are an online only retailer, have a physical premises or operate on a mixture of the two, the ability to hold the right amount of stock at the right time is key.

Self Storage for Tradesmen

If you are a tradesman, you will probably be familiar with these scenarios.  Your garage or the back of your van is full of tools and spare materials, your spare room is your office and your job has taken over your house!

The most common reasons for using self storage...

The self storage industry is one of the fastest growing in the UK with record numbers of people using self storage, and a huge number of new storage facilities opening every year.  But why are so many of us using self storage now?

Self Storage in the UK - Some fact and Figures

The self storage industry is a fast-growing one in the UK, accounting for a massive 47% of the total European storage market.  There are 1430 storage facilities in the UK, offering a total of 42.2 million square feet of storage space...

Living in a Box

We have blogged before about unusual uses for storage units, with reports of people using their storage containers for various imaginative purposes, from gyms to photography studios but how about using a storage unit as somewhere to live!

Which storage type is best for you?

When considering storing your personal or business goods away from home, it is worth taking a little time to look at the types of storage available in your location and how suitable they are for your purposes.  You should also check whether there are any limits to your storage insurance for that specific type of storage or individual storage location.

Standing out from the competition...

As specialist storage insurance providers, we operate in an increasingly crowded market place.  So what is it that makes Store Insure stand out from the competition?

Benefits for Businesses Using Self Storage

Employment and business ownership in the UK has changed in recent years, with more and more people opting to work as self employed small business owners rather than in more traditional, paid employment.  This change has prompted an increase in the amount of businesses using self storage facilities.  

Choosing a Self Storage Provider

The Self Storage Industry is going from strength to strength, and with estimates of the value of the industry in 2016 being £540 million, it is inevitable that there will be some providers who are better than others.  

4 vital considerations when buying Storage Insurance

Are all Storage Insurance policies the same? This is a question we are sometimes asked.  Particularly by potential purchasers who have been offered insurance as ‘included’ in the cost of self storage, or as a separate product, sold by a storage provider.  The answer is no, not all policies are created equal. Particularly when looking at insurance which is included, we would advise caution for a number of reasons.

Packing tips for Self Storage Units

Insuring your possessions whilst they are in self storage is essential and mitigates against the major risks to those goods whilst they are stored such as, fire, flood, theft, vandalism, sprinkler damage and damage from moth and vermin.  However, there are a number of steps you can take yourself when packing to ensure that you minimise the risks to your possessions whilst in storage.

Important Information – IPT increase on storage insurance policies

From the 1st June 2017 there will be an increase to the Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).  IPT is currently set at 10%, paid on the total value of the premium payable.  The increased rate, which will apply to all transactions which take place after 1st June 2017, will be 12% of the premium value, excluding any fees.

Do I need to separately insure my stored contents?

This is a question we are often asked – people often assume that any contents you store in a dedicated storage facility is covered under their insurance – “I am paying them to store my goods, so I am covered by them – right?”


Storage Insurance - Expanded Policy Wording

Extended Policy Wording

Do All Self Storage Companies Include Insurance?

If you are going to store your belongings in a self-storage unit, you are probably wondering whether or not they are insured. After all, there could be a fire, it could be broken into, or be otherwise damaged, leaving your valuable property at risk. The good news is that most self-storage companies offer insurance, but before you purchase it, make sure you really need it.

Insurance for Self Storage Operators

Along with our cover for goods in storage, cover for self storage operators is now available through GM Insurance.

List of Approved Storage Site for Self Storage Insurance grows daily.

Approved sites for Self Storage Insurance grows daily ....

Self storage - for the security conscious

How secure is your self storage unit?

Storage Industry Booming in the UK

UK Storage Industry Booming

Storage Sites Approved

2 new sites added for Self Storage Insurance

SSA UK Annual Survey Released
The 2015 SSA UK Annual Survey has been released and is the most comprehensive insight into the UK self storage industry ever produced.