Quick Guide: Self Storage Lease Agreements and Contracts
When considering renting a self storage unit there are a lot of factors to think about beforehand.
The benefits of Self Storage for Small Businesses
A report highlighted the use of self storage by small retailers had seen the greatest rise during 2020 – 2021 as more and more businesses expanded their online presence due to the pandemic and a growing need to obtain goods through lockdown.
Storing Clothes in Self-Storage

Clothing is one of the most common items put into storage units by households. Clothing can take up a lot of space in a house.

Decluttering and How a Storage Unit Can Help

Why declutter? In addition to the obvious advantage of having more space at home, decluttering brings a range of other benefits.

10 Tips for Keeping an Organised Self-Storage Unit
Keeping your storage unit organised is vital. When renting a unit, you pay for the floorspace. By keeping your unit organised you can fit more belongings in a smaller space, making your storage as cost-effective as possible. Keeping your unit organised also allows you to find items more easily and reduces the chance that anything is damaged in storage.
Self-Storage for Businesses
Self-storage units are commonly used by individuals for household reasons, like moving house or storing extra belongings. However, an increasing number of units are also used by businesses. Self-storage can be used for a variety of commercial reasons and offers several benefits over traditional options.
Storing Art in Self-Storage
Art is made to be displayed, but it can’t always be hanging on the walls. It may sometimes be necessary to put your art into storage. The good news is that by taking appropriate steps, your artwork can come out looking as good as when it went in.
Self-Storage for Students
For students, the end of the academic year is a time to relax and look forward to having a break over the summer. However, this time also comes with a question: what are you going to do with your belongings over the summer?
How to Store Musical Instruments Safely
Any musician can tell you that musical instruments are delicate items. Self-storage can be a safe and cost-effective way of storing them if you run out of space.
Safely storing your electronic items
Electronic equipment needs to carefully stored to ensure that it is kept in the best possible condition in storage - and to make sure that it still works properly when you bring it back out of storage again!