Storage Insurance

  • Immediate cover with instant certificate
  • Zero excess on standard policy claims*
  • Moth and Vermin is included at certain approved storage locations
  • No credit card fees
  • Cover from just one month
Product rating: 9.6 based on over 231 ratings

*Zero excess does not apply to some types of cover for container storage - please ask for more information.

What is storage insurance?

Storage Insurance, or self storage insurance covers both personal and business goods against risks associated with self storage when they are being stored away from your home or business premises.  Storage insurance may also cover your possessions whilst they are in transit to and from the storage location.  Typically, self storage insurance is a requirement in reputable storage facilities. 

Why do I need storage Insurance?

When your goods are stored away from home, it is unlikely that they are covered by your household or business insurance.  Some companies may provide limited cover but this often has exclusions and cover limits.  Specialist storage insurance can be tailored to suit the length of time and the amount of cover required.  Choosing a dedicated storage insurance provider will ensure you get the best, most appropriate cover for the risks involved.

Why choose Store Insure for self storage insurance?

As specialist suppliers of dedicated self storage insurance for both personal and business goods you can be sure that our insurance offers the cover you require to protect your possessions whilst they are in storage.  Our storage insurance has a wide acceptance criteria and is excellent value for money, with zero excess on claim on standard policies.  At Store Insure we also pride ourselves on our quality of service and there is always a real person at the end of the phone to help you if you need it.

What risks does storage insurance from Store Insure cover?

Our storage insurance cover includes loss or damage from fire, theft, storm and flood, escape of water, vandalism and sprinkler damage.  Moth and vermin is included at certain approved storage locations (see full policy details for exclusions)

What storage types does storage insurance from Store Insure cover?

Our storage insurance covers your goods stored in the following types of self storage unit:

  • Externally stored metal container
  • Internal storage with an external access
  • internal, individual secure, lockable room
  • Internally stored metal container
  • Warehouse crates, internally stored wooden containers or 'Deep' storage

The Self Storage Industry is going from strength to strength with people opting to store possessions away from home for a variety of reasons, maybe you are between homes, trying to de-clutter your house for marketing or need to store bulky sports or leisure equipment.  We have even heard of people renting a storage unit to act as a gym!   Our comprehensive self storage insurance will cover your stored goods, and includes cover for your goods in transit.   With policies available from one to twelve months with a minimum sum assured of just £2000.00 our storage insurance policy is one of the most competitive around.  Cover is valid for your goods in a variety of storage types, including external metal container storage, internal, individual lockable rooms and interior storage with exterior access.

You can arrange cover, instantly, online and our secure members area means that you can easily renew your storage insurance policy if you need more time, 365 days a year.  With cover for Moth and Vermin included, as well as risk from flood, sprinkler damage, lightning,  explosion and fire, your stored goods will be covered against a wide variety of risks.  Cover is available for both personal possessions and business goods and stock.  See the IPID document for Product Information regarding Household Goods and Personal Possessions in Storage and see our Summary of Cover for details of cover for Business Goods.

With over 1200 storage locations already approved, Store Insure are one of the leading providers of self storage insurance in the UK.  Our storage insurance policy is underwritten by Lloyds so you can be confident our cover is market leading.  Don't worry if your location is not listed yet, we can add it for you, just send us a request.

For an instant quote and instant cover, click though to our online quote now.  If you need any more information try our online chat or give us a call.


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