Storage insurance for your personal possessions

Many people utilise self-storage at different times in their lives. It may be that you need some temporary storage whilst you are moving house, are storing your possessions whilst completing building work or renovating your house, or perhaps you have simply run out of room at home.

Whatever the reason you are using self-storage - you will want to make sure that your personal possessions are well protected whilst they are being stored. After all, if your personal possessions are worth the cost of storage, they are worthy of being insured.

Self storage insurance for personal possessions from Store-Insure provides cover against the specific risks associated with storage, as well as providing cover whilst your possessions are in transit. Provided your possessions are kept in a secure, professionally managed storage location, our cover is available.

Our self storage insurance cover is available from just 1 month up to 18 months and can provide cover in a wide variety of storage locations, including external metal containers.

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What's covered?

  • Fire, Lightning, Explosion or Earthquake
  • Smoke
  • Theft or Attempted Theft
  • Riot, civil commotion, labour disputes or political disturbance
  • Storm or Flood
  • Vandalism or Malicious Acts
  • Collision
  • Water or Oil escaping accidentally
  • Sprinkler Damage
  • Moth, Insect or Vermin from a source outside of the Storage Unit, , subject to acceptance criteria
  • Collapse or Partial Collapse of the Premises
  • Subsidence

Cover is automatically extended to include loss or damage to your possessions whilst in transit to or from the storage location.

Do I really need storage Insurance?

Yes - Most reputable storage providers will insist that you take out storage insurance, many will even try and sell it to you! The storage facility will be insuring its own risks to the building etc. but this will not cover loss or damage to your possessions.  Your household insurance, generally speaking, will not extend to cover your possessions out of the home.

Do you cover all storage locations?

We have over 2,000 approved storage locations already, to find out if your chosen location is approved, click to get a quote and start typing in the name of the facility.  If it is not there already you can request to add a new location and, provided it meets our criteria, we will add it for you.

Why should I choose Store Insure?

  • Storage insurance is our business.  We provide specialist, market leading cover at a competitive price, offering you complete peace of mind whilst your personal possessions are stored away from home.
  • Our wide acceptance criteria means that we can offer insurance for most common storage types, including external metal containers and wooden crates.
  • Our Fuss free quote and buy process can provide instant cover along with an instant certificate.

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