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What is Storage Insurance and why do i need it?

Self Storage Insurance is compulsory at most reputable storage facilities, unfortunately, much of the insurance which is offered by storage providers provides poor value for money in comparison to insurance from a specialist provider like Store-Insure.

Things to consider when taking out Storage Insurance

If you are looking to rent storage on a short or long-term basis, for personal or business goods, storage insurance is now compulsory at most UK storage providers. As part of the lease agreement many facilities now offer storage insurance cover. However, as great as they may be at providing storage, it doesn’t mean they are great at providing insurance unlike Store Insure.

Self Storage types - Quick Guide

The increase in demand for self storage providers has also increased the amount of choice in types of self storage facilities. Someone looking to store personal items away from home will have different needs to a business looking to house stock or equipment. With this in mind, it is worth taking some time to look at what types of storage are available in your area and more importantly how suitable they are for your own particular needs.