Why Self Storage is great for Retail Businesses

Why Self Storage is great for Retail Businesses

For retailers, self storage is often the answer to finding adequate space for stock without having to clog up your spare bedroom or garage.  Whether you are an online only retailer, have a physical premises or operate on a mixture of the two, the ability to hold the right amount of stock at the right time is key.  Retail space is expensive and with space being at such a premium at home, self storage is often more flexible and economical way of managing space requirements, especially as they may fluctuate over time to take into account seasonal variations, Christmas being a obvious example.

There has been a quiet revolution in retail over the last 10 or so years with many entrepreneurial types taking advantage of the possibilities of the internet to sell niche products to a wider audience – ‘less of more’.  Known as ‘the long tail’, retailers are able to target specific markets with niche products.  The increases in events, fairs and festivals have also provided an opportunity for smaller scale designer/makers and crafters to sell their products direct to the public as well as online.  This kind of modern business requires the ability to use space flexibly, storing stock when necessary to cope with busier times, as well as shrinking back the space required when necessary.  Traditional warehousing does not usually provide this level of flexibility, which is where self storage comes in.

There are many advantages to using a self storage facility to store retail goods.  Flexibility, as above being one of them.  Many storage facilities have a range of storage types available and often you will only need to rent them for a month at a time.  This means that you can make savings, only paying for storage when you need it. 

Access for deliveries is usually pretty good at self storage units, with many larger facilities also able to take deliveries, even if you are not there and items like pallet trucks are usually available.  Self storage units are very secure (unlike most garages) and benefit from a temperature controlled environment, ensuring that you don’t risk damaging your stock with extremes of temperature or possibly dampness.  It is also unlikely that your home insurance would cover damage to business stock stored at home in the event of flood, fire or theft.  Specialist Storage insurance, such as that offered by Store-Insure can be taken out for both business and domestic goods when they are stored away from home.  Our Storage Insurance policy for business goods also covers your stock whilst in transit to and from the storage facility (does not cover accidental damage).  Our flexible cover, available from just one month, and online account management, means that you will be able make sure that you are always insuring your goods at an appropriate level.

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