Short of space over Christmas?

Short of space over Christmas?


Christmas is a time where we get together with family and friends with many of us having house guests in the run up to, and over, the Christmas holidays.  At this time of year there is extra pressure on space in most houses with additional room required for decorations, Christmas trees, piles of presents and and all that extra food and drink! 

Taking the pressure off the space with some additional storage can be extremely helpful at this time of year, especially if you do have house guests taking up space as well as all the extra paraphernalia of Christmas.  

Those of you with younger children may also be keen to keep presents out of the way of inquisitive eyes before the big day.  Larger items like bicycles can be a real challenge to hide, especially if you lack secure storage space at home.  

Self storage is a good solution for storing displaced furniture, large presents and anything else you may wish to get out of the way over Christmas. 

Don’t forget… If you are storing presents, make sure you are aware of access arrangements to the storage facility over the Christmas period, especially if you will want to keep presents out of sight until the last minute! 

Clear kitchen Clutter 

If you are playing host on Christmas Day itself and cooking for a larger number of people than usual, keeping your kitchen clear of clutter is a must for stress free meal preparation.  Thinking about storing away any appliances which are not in frequent use could help to free up some short term space for all that additional food and drink. 

Guest room or junk room?

Guest rooms are often used as ad-hoc storage areas to keep things out of sight.  Or perhaps your spare room doubles up as a hobby space or office.  If you are preparing a spare room for guests, consider temporarily packing away office equipment and spare clothes to free up space.   

Most self storage can be rented on a pretty short term basis so storage need not be a long term cost.  Insurance for storage units is also available on a short term basis, our own cover can be taken out for as little as one month. 

Shop around for insurance quotes If you are storing your goods, do make sure to get a storage insurance quote independently as policies which are offered with storage are often for a fixed sum insured which may not be at the appropriate level for your needs.   Our previous blog post 'the great storage insurance swindle' looks at the cost of taking the easy option of bundled insurance through a storage facility and how premiums could be as much as 7 times higher than those quote through a specialist supplier like Store insure.   

Don’t forget… Take the time to make a quick inventory of your items intended for storage and their full replacement value to make sure you are taking out enough insurance cover.

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Author: Patrick Pellens

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