Self storage - for the security conscious

Self storage - for the security conscious

How you can keep your belongings safer than you can at home?

It’s one of the most important questions you can ask when choosing a self storage unit in which to store your belongings. After all, you need to know your possessions or goods are going to be safe.

The fear of things not being where you can see them does raise concern with many individuals contemplating self storage, but you’ll be comforted to hear that in fact, storing with a reputable storage company could keep your things safer than they would be at home.

Does your storage facility include?

PIN code access – so you, and only you, can access your unit. Many storage facilities also hold a master key for emergencies and legal purposes, but will only enter your space with permission to do so.

Gated access – most storage facilities have robust perimeters around the premises and are securely protected so that only customers can access the building.

Manned reception – Security staff are normally on hand seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year. Many self storage facilities offer long opening hours, including bank holidays and weekends.

CCTV – rolling 24/7 to keep an eye on everything that goes on in and around the facility.

Self Storage also keeps your own home safe.

Without garden furniture, sports equipment or all that other stuff lying around in unsecured outbuildings, you’ll reduce the chance of becoming a target for thieves. The same can be said for any valuables in your house, such as family heirlooms, overflow furnishings or electrical equipment not in use. By reducing the number of belongings in your home and keeping your loft nice and clear, there will be less to attract the eyes of potential intruders – and you may also reduce fire risk without all that ‘insulation!’ Even if your home were to fall victim to a burglary or fire, by using a self storage facility, you can rest assured that many of your belongings are safely located out of harm’s reach.

Insurance – That’s where we come in. By arranging a self storage insurance policy through us, losses from Fire, Theft, Flood and a number of other losses are automatically insured.

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