Packing away summer...

Packing away summer...

Now that we have officially said goodbye to summer for another year, it is time to start storing away the items which are not likely to be needed again over the winter.

Many of us lack space in our homes and gardens for over winter storage of bulkier items like tents, garden furniture and sporting equipment. The end of summer is also the time when we think about making room in wardrobes and drawers for bulkier winter clothes, coats and jumpers.

If you are considering self-storage to pack away summer – have a look at our tips below:

Garden Furniture

Now that barbecue season is over, getting wooden furniture out of the garden and under cover can help to prolong its life and keep it in better condition ready for next year. If you are packing away wooden furniture for the winter, make sure it has dried out properly first and, if you are feeling particularly virtuous, a new coat of oil would be beneficial. Any other garden items like barbecues, outdoor games, lights and hammocks can also be packed away to in storage to save room in outdoor storage like sheds and garages.

Camping Gear

Camping past the end of September is not for the faint hearted and most of us accept the reality that by the end of September, camping is done for another year. Again, when packing away your camping gear, make sure everything has had the chance to properly dry and air out. Particularly as the weather gets colder items which are stored damp are much more likely to be affected by mould and mildew. See our blog post about preparing for winter for more helpful tip and advice on storing items in colder weather.

Summer Clothes

In the days before most homes were equipped with central heating and constant hot water a summer wardrobe and winter wardrobe were a part of most people’s lives. Whilst modern heated houses now mean that we don’t necessarily need thicker curtains, an extra couple of blankets on the bed and to wear a thick jumper in the house in winter, many of us still lack space at home. Packing away items like wetsuits, flip flops and summer hats for the winter can free up valuable wardrobe space for coats and jumpers.

Short term storage of summer items over winter has the advantage of keeping your home environment free of clutter. No bad thing when you are forced to spend more time indoors over winter.

As ever, when using storage, think carefully about what you are storing and make sure that your storage insurance is adequate to cover the replacement value of everything you have stored away. A regular check in to your storage facility is also a good idea to keep an eye on things and make sure they are not getting damaged and will be ready to use again when the good weather returns next year!

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