Using self-storage when travelling

Using self-storage when travelling

If you are planning an extended trip, whether for work reasons or just for fun, you may be considering using self-storage to house your stuff whilst you are away. For instance, if you are considering renting out your property whilst away, emptying it of your personal possessions would certainly be a recommended course of action. Similarly, if your planned trip is to last for more than a month or two and you are renting a property yourself, you may be considering giving your property up rather than continuing to pay for it whilst you are away.

There are some steps you can take when using self storage for more than a few months which will help you to get the best value out of your storage as well as make sure your stuff is kept safe.

Is it worth it?

Think about what you are putting into storage and whether it is worth the cost of storing it. Particularly if you are thinking about storing large items of furniture. Weight up the cost of the storage against the value of the item and consider whether it is better to replace the item when you return or store it whilst you are away. The cost of storage can vary quite a bit from facility to facility depending on what they offer. So, shop around for the best deal for you. If a storage facility charges more for a service you won’t need like 24 hr access, think about whether it would be more economical to find a different facility.

What type of goods are you storing?

If you are storing textile items, clothes, books or anything which may be prone to becoming damaged by dampness, mould and mildew, consider what kind of storage you need. Something which is climate controlled and indoors will likely to better, especially if you are planning to be away over winter. See our separate blog post about how to prepare your storage unit for winter for more information.

How long?

The cost of storage may be reduced at certain facilities if you book for a longer period of time. If you know you are definitely going to be staying away for a longer period, it makes sense to commit to a longer period of storage than to continue on a rolling monthly basis.

Keep your details up to date

If you are travelling around and not staying on one place, make sure that the storage facility you use is able to get hold of you if they need to. Fortunately, fire, flood and theft from storage units is not that common, although, should the worst happen the storage facility will need to be able to reach you to let you know what has happened.


If you are able to find a friend or relative to look in or your possessions from time to time whilst you are away, it would be a good idea to do so. Storage Insurance from Store Insure protects your belongings from the risks associated storage like fire, flood and theft. It also covers your items whilst they are in transit to and from your storage location. Moth and vermin cover is also offered for certain types of storage location (internal only). It is worth bearing in mind though, that damage which is caused by rot, fungus, woodworm or beetles and damage which caused gradually that you ought to have been aware (and that it was reasonable for you to have prevented) would be considered to be uninsurable risks. This would therefore not therefore be covered. Regular checks of your belongings whilst you are away should mitigate against damage which is caused gradually.

For more information on storage insurance, to get a quote and to check policy limits, have a look at our website. For more helpful hints on storing your belongings – see our blog.

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