Self-storage and your seasonal business

Self-storage and your seasonal business

Managing a seasonal business can be difficult if you have to deal with increased stock levels at certain times of the year. Heading into Winter with Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas looming, a lot of retail businesses will see the demand for products, and therefore space required, increase - only for it to drop off again in the new year.

No business wants to be spending money on permanent storage space if it is only needed for 25% of the year. Retail space is expensive and if you are running a home based business, your garage, spare bedroom and loft may also be required to accommodate more stuff at this time of year.

Self-storage provides a solution

Meeting additional space demands with self-storage can have a number of advantages for businesses looking to temporarily increase stock levels.

  • A well managed self-storage unit is likely to be much cleaner, dryer and more secure than the average garage.
  • All costs are included in the storage rental cost – no business rates or other charges for power/light/heat etc.
  • Vehicular access for loading and deliveries from a self-storage compound is likely to be good.
  • There is no long-term commitment when using self-storage.
  • Space is available at short notice and can be given up simply with short notice.
  • If you need less space, or more space, this can be easily arranged.
  • Most self-storage facilities can offer help with lifting and provide equipment like pallet truck, trolleys, packing supplies and boxes
  • If you are having stock delivered, there will usually be someone available on-site to sign on your behalf.
  • Most storage facilities will offer 24 hr access and tend to be in accessible locations.

Flexible space

Self-storage units tend to be available in a wide variety of sizes, depending on your requirements, from as little as 30 cubic feet to 1600 cubic feet – have a look at our handy storage guide if you are not sure what sort of space you may need.

From a storage insurance perspective, keeping your stock protected is simple with a specific Business Storage Insurance policy. Storage Insurance from Store Insure will also cover your goods whilst they are in transit to and from the storage facility. Other risks which can be included, depending on your chosen storage type, are loss or damage from moth and vermin.

Your stock should always be insured for the full replacement value – if that is likely to fluctuate over time we would recommend maintain your storage insurance cover at the maximum level you will require. This is likely to be more cost effective than taking out multiple shorter policies to take into account differing stock levels.

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