Top 4 benefits for using self-storage this Christmas

Top 4 benefits for using self-storage this Christmas

The festive season can be a strain in more ways than one… As well as the requirement for more, time, more money, more goodwill and Christmas Cheer – this time of year also demands more space. Utilising self-storage over the Christmas period can help to alleviate some of the pressure – See our top 4 benefits below.

Hiding the Presents!

If you have kids, you will know the problems with hiding presents before Christmas. Even trying to smuggle them into the house can be an undertaking and finding somewhere to keep them until Father Christmas comes can be even more difficult. There is only so much room in your sock drawer after all. Having a remote storage space where you can keep presents away from prying eyes – even those of bigger kids – can be a huge benefit.

Then, there is the problem of wrapping them up and then eliminating the evidence! Finding the space to spread out and wrap gifts without being caught in the act can be tricky. If you are already renting space to store gifts – it could also double up as the perfect place to get your wrapping done!

Making Space for Visitors

If you are playing host this year, extra people could mean extra space requirements. If, like me, your spare bedroom normally doubles up as a place to store things like hobby equipment, redundant furniture and out of season clothes – some de-cluttering before guests arrive is likely to be necessary! Utilising self storage can take the pressure of needing to sort things out or make decisions in favour of an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach. Of course, out of sight, out of mind can only take you so far – but buying a bit of breathing space before the inevitable New Year clear out can make the run up to Christmas less hassle.

Storing Furniture

Christmas trees and extra decorations take up a fair bit of space – often, that is space that we cannot afford. Giving a Christmas tree the space it needs can often involve re-arranging the furniture in a particular room, or even and entire floor of your house! Making space for extra table places or party guests can also be a challenge at this time of year. Self storage can absorb anything which needs to be taken out of the house temporarily and is likely to be cleaner and drier than the garage!

Storing decorations before and after Christmas

Whether it is a large artificial Christmas tree which comes out year after year, strings of lights for the outside of the house or a giant inflatable reindeer in your garden, decorations for Christmas can take up a lot of storage space. Because they only come out once a year, Christmas decorations are, generally speaking, always in the least accessible parts of whatever storage space you may have at home. This inevitably leads to a mammoth session of removing and replacing everything in the loft to get them out and then again to pack them away! Self-storage can provide ideal year-round storage for Christmas items and stop them from getting damaged or broken by being stuffed away in the corner of the loft, as well as potentially saving a lot of time.


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