New Year De-Clutter?

New Year De-Clutter?

The New Year is a time of reflection and also a time when we can feel that we need to make a change. A popular new year’s resolution and ambition is to get organised and many of us start the new year with good intentions and resolutions around de-cluttering and organising our home.

Whilst it is great to move into the new year with a sense of purpose and clarity as to what you want to achieve, decluttering and organising your home is a process which, to be successful, can take a bit of time.

Once you have the plan to get organised at home, It can be tempting to dive straight in and start discarding items which you feel you no longer need or want. This can make you feel like you are making great progress and will bring about a quick result. However, it is worth taking the time to properly evaluate the items which you are getting rid of to make sure that it is not something you will miss or regret throwing away.

Good reasons for storing items first…

Using self-storage as an interim solution to storing items which you are planning to get rid of can be a great way to buy yourself some time. There are also other potential advantages to storing things away from your home for a short while before finally getting rid of them.

Making immediate space

If you have a variety of different stuff you have decided to get rid of, all destined for different places, you may find it easier to move everything out in one go to feel the impact of all that tidying straight away. It is disheartening to spend time getting organised only to have unwanted items hanging around your house while you wait to take them where they need to go. Using a self-storage facility means you can get everything out and then take your time sorting out what needs to go where.

Saving for a future need

You may feel that something you no longer have a use for could be passed on to someone else. Off site storage will enable you to hold on to things until you can pass them on.

Re-new, re-purpose, upcycle

Sometimes, all it takes is a little imagination to turn an unwanted items into something useful. Upcycling and repurposing items is more environmentally friendly than taking them to the recycling centre. The down-side of this is of course that projects can often take up too much space at home – a storage unit may provide the answer to temporary storage for items awaiting transformation and may be the start of a new, creative side hustle – it could even provide a work space for your upcycling projects!

Get some money back

When you are motivated to clearing out your home, you usually want to start seeing the benefits of doing so straight away. Getting things ready for selling on online platforms like Ebay and Gumtree can take a bit of time though. It is worth taking the time to properly photograph and describe items you are hoping to sell as this certainly improves your chances of selling for a good price. Using self-storage can enable you to take the time you need to sell items. A second advantage of having items you are hoping to sell away from your home is that it can be safer, especially for larger items which are likely to require collection.

Self-storage can be the perfect solution to a New Year clear-out, whether for a short or long period. As ever, don’t forget to keep your belongings adequately insured for their full replacement value whilst kept in storage. Visit our website for more information on storage types and what type of storage would be best for you.

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