Externally stored metal container

Typically either a 20ft or 10ft long and 8ft wide, individual, metal container, situated behind some kind of perimeter fence in an external compound.  This kind of external, metal container is Ideal for storing larger items and is often offered as an alternative to internal storage.  This kind of storage may be better for items which are not prone to damage from condensation or dampness if you are planning to store longer term as there is no temperature or climate control.  Generally, access to this kind of storage will be available 24hrs and you will be able to get a vehicle right up to the container to minimise carrying.


  • Direct vehicular access and wide opening doors
  • Less expensive than internal storage
  • Unrestricted access


  • May be prone to condensation and temperature fluctuations
  • Some storage insurance risks may not be covered.
  • May be difficult to use all the space effectively

Typical storage insurance cost for £5,000 cover, per month - £21.80 – £250.00 policy excess (does not include moth & vermin cover)

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