Things you should never store in a storage unit!

Things you should never store in a storage unit!

Self storage can be extremely useful for loads of different reasons.  The most common reason for renting storage space is probably related to moving home. However, a growing number of people are using storage units for more permanent storage spaces to deal with a general overflow of stuff, as well as for running a business from.  See our other blog posts ‘Running your ebay business from a storage unit’ and ‘Why self storage is great for retail businesses’ 

There are, however, some things which are not suitable for storing in self storage units.  Sometimes this will be because it is dangerous to do so.  Make sure you are aware of these restrictions if you are considering renting storage space.  As well as being potential harmful to you or others, it will certainly invalidate your self storage insurance if you are found to be storing unsuitable items or those which you are not permitted to store at the location. 

So, what items should not be stored in a self storage facility?  

Anything flammable!

That seems like it should be quite obvious but that does not mean we should not mention it!  If you are storing things like lawn mowers or garden equipment – be sure to empty fuel tanks first.  Be aware of petrol, oil, propane, gas, fuel and some chemicals which may be flammable. Storing these items will always be in contravention of the terms and conditions of the storage facility.  

Animals, Plants and Foodstuffs

It is usually OK to store food which is in cans, jars or bottles, however, foodstuffs which are perishable will not be allowed as they can attract vermin to the storage facility.  Once again, this will almost certainly be against your Terms and Conditions of storage. The same will apply to animal foodstuffs and plants which can encourage pests. We hope it goes without saying that you are not allowed to keep your pets or other animals in storage!  

Hazardous and Pressurized Materials

Toxic and chemical substances are often restricted or disallowed entirely in case of an accident, whilst pressurized items like aerosols could also burst so may be restricted.  Check with your storage facility first to make sure.

Illegal Goods and Weaponry

It should also go without saying that stolen and other illegal goods are also banned from self storage sites and, to be honest, no-one is likely to admit to storing them anyway!  However, to be clear, storing anything illegal in a storage until will contravene the storage facility terms and condition and therefore invalidate your storage insurance. 

If you are not sure what is permitted to be stored – make sure you check with the storage provider first.  When you take out storage insurance through Store Insure you will be doing so on the understanding that you are storing goods as defined within the terms and conditions of the self-storage business. 

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