Our 2000th Storage Location Added

Our 2000th Storage Location Added

Dinnington Self Storage, Todwick Road Industrial Estate, Bookers Way, Sheffield has been added to our list of approved storage locations - our 2000th location! As a leading provider of storage insurance, Store Insure offer cover to a wide variety of storage types, unlike some other providers who are more restricted in the types of storage which they will offer cover for.

Store insure will cover your belongings if they are stored in the following storage types:

Externally stored metal container

This kind of storage is typically a 20ft container in a locked compound of some kind and is generally accessible at all times. Often, storage facilities of this type may be smaller or in more rural locations. Some storage insurance providers will not provide cover for this type of storage. It may not be the best choice for longer term storage of items which would be sensitive to moisture like soft furnishings and clothing. This type of cover may also have more limitations, such as not offering protection against moth and vermin damage for instance. It is likely to be the least expensive and great for storing items like sports equipment and bikes which do not need to be protected from the cold. Read more about Externally stored metal container storage types.

Internally stored metal container

A metal container stored inside a warehouse or similar - the same type of metal container as the external type. Internally stored containers of this type may be acceptable to more insurance providers than the external ones. They are still likely to be more susceptible to fluctuations in temperature however and not suitable for the long-term storage of items where this would be detrimental. Read more about Internally stored metal container storage types.

Internal storage with external access

This type of storage would typically be substantially built with an individual external access - a metal roller door or similar. Generally speaking you would be able to get a vehicle right up to the door and access is great for larger items. This type of storage is unlikely to have climate control. Read more about Internal storage with external access.

Internal, individual secure lockable room

Internal storage, accessible from inside the storage facility is likely to be the most stable in terms of temperature fluctuation and dampess, great for storing more sensitive items like antiques, textiles, electricals and fine wooden furniture. Storage of this type is often from larger storage operators. This type of storage may be less accessible in that it will be accessed from within the storage facility itself and access will likely be restricted to opening hours of the facility. Read more about Internal, individual secure lockable room storage types.

Warehoused crates, internally stored wooden containers or ‘Deep’ storage

Probably the least available and least popular type of storage available. Wooden crates of this type would also be used for shipping contents safely and may be used to store items prior to shipping. Similarly to the external storage with external access, the cost is likely to be lower. This would not be the ideal storage type if you wanted to be able to get access to your items as they would be in a sealed crate and very difficult to get to. It may also prove difficult to get large or heavy items into the wooden crate. Read more about Warehoused crates, internally stored wooden containers storage types.

Which type of storage is right for you?

The type of storage which is right for you will depend on a number of factors, not least, what you are storing and for how long.  Other factors like proximity, security and accessibility should also be considered when making your choice. Have a look at our blog post - Choosing a Self Storage Provider.  Whatever type of storage you opt for - you should ensure that it is suitable for the size and type of items you are storing and that it offers the level of access you require. Make sure that you check any limitation on the insurance cover provided (moth and vermin cover, for instance, is only generally available for internal storage with internal access). Store insure can offer insurance cover for all of the types of storage shown above. For cover restrictions and further information, make sure that you read the full policy information.

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