Using your self storage space effectively

Using your self storage space effectively

Self storage can be a great way of extending your space without moving as well as being a good short term measure to house your stuff. Whether you are travelling, moving, downsizing or need to clear out some space in your home temporarily. It can, however, get expensive over time and you therefore need to make sure you are making the very best of the storage space you have and using the space most efficiently. Read on for our top tips for effective storage...

Have a plan...

Before you start, think about what you are going to need to get access to and plan to store those items in an accessible part of your storage unit. Compiling an inventory of what you are storing is also a good idea for two reasons;

  1. So that you know where it is and where to find it
  2. So that you can make sure you have the correct amount of storage insurance*

Your storage provider is unlikely to want to know exactly what you are storing, they will however want to make sure that nothing contravenes their terms and conditions - have a look at this blog for more information on what you are not allowed to keep in storage facilities.

*When taking out storage insurance, you should always work on the full replacement cost of your possessions and insure for that amount

Don't store your junk!

It may seem easier to just box stuff up with the thought that you will sort it out later on, but it is a far better idea to sort through stuff before you pack it away. There is very little point in wasting storage space with items which you no longer want or need or whose useful life is over.

Use robust containers

Investing in some good quality storage containers is a must if you want to be able to make the best use of your storage space. If you need to access your boxes (and perhaps see what is in them) plastic crates are a good idea. They stack better than boxes and are strong enough to hold heavier items safely. Plastic crates will also protect your belongings better from moisture in the air which can cause cardboard boxes to become weaker over time and cause mould and mildew to appear.

Try to utilise the full height of your space...

When storing larger items of furniture, it may make sense to store them on their end to enable you to make use of the full height of the storage space. Items like divan bed bases and mattresses can be stored upright quite easily and will take up much less space that way.

When storing larger items of furniture like wardrobes or chests of drawers, make sure that you utilitse the space inside them to store smaller items to avoid wasting capacity.

Using good quality stacking crates will enable you to go higher than if you were using boxes or perhaps, if you are planning to store long term, investing in racking or shelving may be worthwhile. If you are storing tables, dont forget to utilise the space underneath and on top of them.

Chose your location carefully

Making sure that the storage you choose is easily accessible and close enough for convenience means that you will be able to visit if necessary without wasting too much time. Make sure you can get access to your stuff when you need it, especially if that is over weekends and evenings when the facility may not be staffed.

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