Tips for keeping your storage unit pest free

	Tips for keeping your storage unit pest free

Our storage insurance automatically includes cover against damage by moth and vermin for spaces which are accessed internally, providing peace of mind that your belongings will be protected. If your chosen storage type has external access a storage insurance policy from Store Insure won’t cover you against moth and vermin attack. However, there are a number of steps you can take yourself to pest proof your storage and minimise the risk of damage from unwanted visitors.

Invest in suitable containers

Use plastic crates with well-fitting lids to pack your belongings, especially if you are using external storage spaces like metal containers. Not only will crates help to protect your stuff against problems caused by moisture, they will also provide a rodent proof container which mice and rats can’t chew through and are easy to stack. Do make sure however that there are no signs of mould or mildew on any items before they are put away as this may get worse if your goods are packed away in plastic containers due to humidity levels and temperature fluctuations.

Check first, don't pay later...

Before you place any of your belongings into storage, have a look around inside and outside the space to make sure there is no sign of any previous rodent activity. Mice in particular can fit through the tiniest of gaps so try to ensure that there are no access points which they could fit through. Make sure that your storage unit is thoroughly swept out before you start putting anything away.

Don't make pests welcome

You should not store anything edible in your storage space. Not only does this likely contravene the regulations for the storage facility (see our blog – Things you should never store in a storage unit for more information on this), it is also a bad idea to have a potential supply of food available for passing rodents!

Making your storage space as inhospitable for visitors as possible is a good strategy for keeping it pest free. Mothballs are not something which are in common use any longer, although, they may help to keep unwanted guests away from your stuff, but many people think that they smell pretty unpleasant and are not keen on them due to being made from toxic chemical pesticide! There is also little evidence that they are effective against rodents as some people claim. A more natural repellent could be essential oils like peppermint and lavender are said to be effective at repelling mice as they don’t like the smell. Soaking cotton wool balls in oil and then placing them all around the unit and in places like drawers could help. It will make your storage space smell great as well! You will need to top up the oil in time as this it will lose its potency.

Protect soft furnishings by wrapping them in strong plastic sheeting before you put them away. Not only will if offer an extra layer of protection against dust and marks, if there are any mice in your space, furnishings will be protected from droppings and stains as well.

If your storage space is accessed internally, you will automatically benefit from moth and vermin cover when you take out a storage insurance policy via store-insure. This covers you against loss or damage to your items caused by moth and vermin which has come from a source outside of the storage. Even if you do have this cover in place, it is still a good idea to try and prevent problems as much as possible rather than rectify them by following the advice above. If you need storage insurance - be sure to get an instant quote from Store-Insure, the speciliast storage insurance provider.

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