University Students and Self-Storage

Self-storage is a great solution for students who are looking for a way to store their belongings over the summer.

Self-Storage for Small Businesses

The use of self-storage units by small businesses is on the rise due to the various benefits they offer compared to other options. These include convenience and cost-efficiency.

Self storage and DIY

Using self storage when completing DIY or building and construction projects at home can be a real asset.

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Things to consider when purchasing Storage Insurance

Storage Insurance needn't be confusing, there are some things worth considering to ensure you have the right cover for your needs.

Keeping your self storage pest free

Store Insure automatically includes cover against damage by moth and vermin if the access to your storage unit is internal. However, there are a number of extra steps you can take to pest-proof your storage and minimise the risk of damage from unwanted visitors.

Using self storage for a seasonal business

Using self storage for a seasonal business is a flexible way to cost-effectively manage stock during the Christmas period.

Finding a Self Storage Provider

Wirth more self storage providers than ever before in the UK, how do you ensure that you are choosing the best self storage provider for your needs? Are some providers really better than others? How do you decide? Do you need Storage Insurance?

Businesses and self storage

Having a flexible space when running a business can be extremely useful, more economical than renting premises and with no added business rates, self storage is a great option for creating more space.

SSA UK Annual Report - Self storage usage in the UK

Every year, the SSA UK produces an annual report designed to provide industry-specific research for the self-storage sector.