Lockdown Continues
There seem to be two distinct categories of people at the moment, those who are finding that they have more free time during lockdown and those who feel they are busier than ever!
Visiting your storage location during lock-down
The issues of what is deemed essential and non-essential travel and essential and non-essential businesses seem to be open to a degree of interpretation.
What happens to your stock if you have to lock down your business?
How will the current ‘stay at home’ measures affect your business. If you are running a business from a standalone premises and have been forced to close due to the movement restrictions we are all being urged to follow, you may be looking for offsite storage to keep your stock safe.
Does your self-storage insurance cover you against flood damage?
Flooding is very much in the news again following three significant storms in quick succession in February and yet more wet weather on the horizon.
Things to consider when insuring a storage unit
When you are storing items away from your home, regardless of whether they are personal or business items, these are things you need to think about in terms of insurance…
Self Storage fires in the news again...
Less than a year on from the blaze which totally destroyed a storage unit in Croydon another serious fire has destroyed a storage unit, this time in Bedfordshire.
Is clutter affecting your health?
Research has shown that the negative effects of a cluttered home go deeper than a simple lack of space - there is evidence that a cluttered home can have an impact on both your physical and mental health.
Top 4 benefits for using self-storage this Christmas
The festive season can be a strain in more ways than one… As well as the requirement for more, time, more money, more goodwill and Christmas Cheer – this time of year also demands more space
Recent Customer Feedback
Here at Store-Insure, customer service is at the heart of what we do, that’s why we ask for feedback from everyone who buys a policy from us.