Quick Guide: Packing your self storage unit

When it comes to packing and loading your self storage unit, ensuring your goods are as protected and safe as possible will help minimise any risks and potential damage.

Self Storage Security

How safe are your stored possessions? Do you have adequate insurance? We offer advice and guidance on how to make sure your personal possessions and business goods are stored and covered correctly.

Things to consider before renting a Self Storage Unit

Thinking of renting self-storage? There are a few things to consider.

Quick Guide: Self Storage Types

Not all self storage facilities are the same. When deciding what works best for you it is worth taking time to consider the points in this guide.

Self Storage and Flood Damage

With flooding becoming more frequent in the UK, it is a sensible question to ask 'how can I protect my possessions in self storage from flooding?'

Quick Guide: Your Self Storage Questions Answered

At Store Insure we get asked a lot of questions from our customers - check out our guide to the most asked, and now answered, questions relating to Storage Insurance.

Protecting your stored items from Mould and Mildew
A Store Insure handy guide on keeping your storage container items mould and mildew free.
Quick Guide: Self Storage Insurance

Whatever your reason is for requiring self storage, it is essential that you get the correct storage insurance for your possessions.

Quick Guide: Self Storage Lease Agreements and Contracts

When considering renting a self storage unit there are a lot of factors to think about beforehand.

The benefits of Self Storage for Small Businesses
A report highlighted the use of self storage by small retailers had seen the greatest rise during 2020 – 2021 as more and more businesses expanded their online presence due to the pandemic and a growing need to obtain goods through lockdown.