Our 2000th Storage Location Added
Dinnington Self Storage, Todwick Road Industrial Estate, Bookers Way, Sheffield has been added to our list of approved storage locations - our 2000th location!
Storage Insurance information & some new reviews!
Here are Store Insure, we specialise in providing great value cover for your goods in storage – whether business or personal
Strange and Creepy things found in storage uinits
Open most storage units and you would be likely to find boxes of normal household items in there. From time to time though, we hear about strange, and even down-right creepy things which have been uncovered in abandoned units.
How can self storage benefit your SME?
Finding a suitable location to run your business can be a struggle. You need to consider the location, cost, suitability of the space as well as thinking about the amount of space you need.
Hobbies and Self Storage
As we have written on this blog many times before, the self storage industry is growing fast in the UK - our recent piece on the Self Storage Association's annual report into the industry shows continued growth of available units in the UK.
Self Storage Association - Annual Report 2018
The Self Storage Association have published their Annual Report for 2018 into the self storage industry - here are some facts and figures...
MPs are now calling for action on ‘mis-selling’ by storage providers
Regular visitors to our blog will know that we have mentioned many times in the past the slightly less than ‘transparent’ practices involving storage insurance which are sold direct from storage providers.
Information update and some new reviews
At Store-Insure, we specialise in storage insurance and that's it. Because we are specialist brokers our focus is on a single product, we are able to constantly review our offer to make sure it continues to meet the needs of our customers.
I lost £180,000 in a self storage fire…
That sounds like a sensationalist headline but following a devastating fire in a self storage unit in Surrey, this story from the BBC highlights the dangers of under insuring your contents in storage.
Short of space over Christmas?

Christmas is a time where we get together with family and friends with many of us having house guests in the run up to, and over, the Christmas holidays. At this time of year there is extra pressure on space in most houses...