How Self-Storage can help with New Year DIY projects…

The New Year is a time for optimism and resolutions. A chance to draw a line under the old year and embrace the sense of purpose and renewal which this time of year can bring.

Why self-storage may be the answer to your space problems this Christmas…

Are you running out of space at home over Christmas? If you are, you wouldn’t be alone. At this time of year we often need additional space in our homes for guests, extra furniture, extra food, drink and, of course, Christmas presents!

Reducing the stress of moving during lockdown
If moving home is one of the most stressful events in your life – surely, moving home in the midst of a pandemic must make the process even more stressful!
Tips for storing vinyl records
Vinyl records have had something of a renaissance over recent years, going from being thought of as unwieldy and old hat in the wake of the rise of the Compact Disc to becoming desirable items for collectors and enthusiasts.
Storage insurance and hungry bears...
Our storage insurance protects you against the usual risks associated with storing your belongings in a storage facility away from your home. 
Using Self-Storage for the first time? Read our 5 Tips for first time storage users…
If you have never used self-storage before, keep reading for our 5 tips for first time self-storage users.
How can self-storage save your business money?
The current business environment is challenging for many. There is a huge amount of uncertainty for many industries like retail, hospitality and the leisure sector at the moment – with some businesses still not having a clear idea of when they can start to reopen.
Moving, improving and self-storage
Many things have changed as a result of Coronavirus and how we look at our homes is part of that change. According to Rightmove and other property market commentators, Coronavirus and, in particular, the recent lockdown, has changed the priorities of many in terms of their homes.
How to protect your tools
Tools are crucial to the livelihood of most tradesmen – they are also expensive to buy and prone to theft. As well as the financial implications of tool theft, it can also have an impact on a tradesperson’s ability to continue to work until they are replaced.
Business update, new information and some jobs for spring
We have added some new sections to our website over the past couple of months. Our resources section now has a storage facility lookup. You can search for facilities by location and get a quote for your storage insurance based on the location you choose.