Self-storage and your seasonal business
Managing a seasonal business can be difficult if you have to deal with increased stock levels at certain times of the year
Packing away summer...
Now that we have officially said goodbye to summer for another year, it is time to start storing away the items which are not likely to be needed again over the winter.
Using self-storage when travelling
If you are planning an extended trip, whether for work reasons or just for fun, you may be considering using self-storage to house your stuff whilst you are away. For instance, if you are considering renting out your property whilst away, emptying it of your personal possessions would certainly be a recommended course of action.
Preparing your storage unit for winter weather
Whilst we know that we have not quite done with summer yet – there is a definite autumnal feeling about the evenings and early mornings now and, sadly, it is time to start thinking about the approach of colder weather and how this may affect your items in storage.
Tips for moving and storing electrical appliances
Appliances like washing machines, fridge freezers and dishwashers often end up in storage following a move. Follow our tips below to ensure that they remain in good condition whilst stored...
How much Storage Space do I need?
When you are looking at storing your goods, how much space is enough? What does 25 square feet of actually look like in terms of boxes or belongings?
Downsizing for retirement
Aside from births, deaths and marriages, downsizing for retirement is also a common theme amongst our storage insurance customers.
De-cluttering and the Marie Kondo effect...
In recent years, perhaps in direct response to people’s everyday lives becoming ever busier and more chaotic, the trend of minimalism has become more and more popular.
	Tips for keeping your storage unit pest free
Our storage insurance automatically includes cover against damage by moth and vermin for spaces which are accessed internally, providing peace of mind that your belongings will be protected.
Using your self storage space effectively
Self storage can be a great way of extending your space without moving as well as being a good short term measure to house your stuff. Whether you are travelling, moving, downsizing or need to clear out some space efficient storage is essential